Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be – Abraham Lincoln

Happiness is a positive, pleasant, and joyful state of mind arising out of contentment. The pursuit of happiness is real for people nowadays. Happiness isn’t an easy thing to get and experience. Moreover, it isn’t necessary to be happy all the time.

It is okay to feel a bit down sometimes. If you always feel sad, anxious and depressed, it may be a case of mood disorder. The number of people suffering from depression is startling. According to research, 1 of six American experience depression at least once in a lifetime.

Many think the number of people suffering from some sorts of depression could be higher, as only a few people seek diagnosis and medical help eventually. Others continue to deal with this problem alone and helplessly despite feeling frustrated and exhausted with the continuous endeavor.

Feel stuck with depression – adopt a new approach

If you are diagnosed with clinical depression, you likely underwent therapy sessions to treat your mood disorder. Some of the common recommendations may be eating right, sleeping longer hours, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, think positively, and the list goes on and on.

These changes can bring relief for a while before the problem comes up again. The invisible patterns of fear, feeling, and anxiety thoughts return in your daily life, making you feel powerless and exhausted. It acts like a trap that controls your mental states.

There is a ray of hope at the end of a tunnel. life coaching provides an opportunity to find ways and experience a depression-free life making specific changes in life.

Life coaching as a tool to fight depression

Life coaching is a new service designed for people who want to make changes in their lives. It is an integral part of personal development coaching. The coach helps people to set goals and cheer them to make progress with motivation. These methods have helped thousands of people in business, professionalism, and even entrepreneurs achieve tremendous success in their lives.

What was unthinkable a few years ago, life coaches have started helping people with complex issues through motivational guidance and tools developed for this purpose. It is also called ‘recovery coaching’ where coaches support and help individuals to recover from mental illness, addiction, fear, and depression.

Even the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is supporting coaching programs for those dealing with mental issues.

Randall Kennedy as a life coach to fight depression

Randall Kennedy life coaching program provides practical tools to fight and overcome this mood disorders. Having faced depression as a teenager due to A.D.H.D. medications, he has developed reliable ways to stop this negative state of mind adeptly. He shares his own life experiences and practical steps to fight hopelessness, negative thoughts, and fear in his coaching program.

Here is an overview of how he can help you overcome this problem:

Know if you are depressed!

The symptoms for depression vary among person to person. Staring out of the window, losing interest in activities that you liked before, hopelessness, restlessness, negative thoughts, and lack of energy are some of the common signs of depression. If you are suffering these states of mind, you are more likely suffering from mood disorders. The first step to deal with depression successfully is to ascertain and realize this.

Depression may seem like an endless cycle. Things get worse when you feel powerless and lack of energy to fight back the negative thought patterns. Instead of suffering in depressing thoughts, empower your body with positive beliefs and rituals to fight back now. It is an ideal way to improve your quality of life.

Methods to deal with depression

After years of research and studies, he has developed a host of methods to keep this problem at bay. You will get to know how the brain chemistry works and the mind-body connection that determines your state of mind – positive or negative.

For instance, people feeling down are more likely to have a slouched, head down, and body moved inward position. It is true that how we speak to ourselves also affects our mood. However, small steps of self-care and empowering rituals can bring a vast difference in your life.

Understand the common triggers

The first step to deal aptly with depression is to understand what causes you to dip into depression, called ‘common triggers’. It may be a feeling of depression due to the loss of a job or loved ones, comparison, and negative thoughts like something is never going to happen, and even when goals seem out of reach. Once you find out what is behind your depression, you can learn the method to cope and fight back. If the problem is seriously affecting your quality of life, it is better to seek professional help and healing from experts.

If you are experiencing a mild attack of anxiety and fear, you can use the following steps to pull yourself from this state.

Break out of limiting beliefs

Most of the individuals dealing with depression form a limiting belief system. It negatively affects their thinking. This belief system discourages them from taking further action to achieve their goal.

It is crucial to break out of these limiting beliefs. Find out where they come from, is it from your family environment, past results, unpleasant events, and others. Knockdown these beliefs and create empowering thinking to feel better and happier.

Change your physical body.

Successful people exhibit confidence with a great body posture in walking and firm handshake while meeting others. Being mindful of your body posture is a unique way of carrying yourself. It may be a crucial way of dealing with depression.

Learning the art of carrying yourself or mastering body languages can help deal with anxiety. Instead of leaning forwards, stand normal and chest out to feel powerful and confident. Being aware of the physical adjustments can help to take charge of your mind and emotions which enhance your mood and confidence.

Practice empowering rituals daily

Depression causes a deviation from your standard lifestyle. Make a routine filled with empowering rituals to follow in daily life. You can add yoga, meditation, and exercise in your daily routine. It must include tasks that you like the most and return to old ways.

These physical activities release endorphins which improves your overall mental health. You will get stability and certainty back in your life. It further alleviates stress and creates a balance to cope up with depression. Don’t overdo physical activities but focus on to recenter your mental state.

Change your life patterns.

Everyone lives in a specific pattern. You have built many patterns of behavior and thoughts throughout your life, unconsciously. Patterns may include a set of words and actions that you use while talking to yourself and others.

Breaking these patterns can be a significant step towards learning to fight depression. Adding more empowering words in your vocabulary may help in this endeavor. That is because you can use these words while talking to yourself. Changing the negative words with positive ones can literally help in your fight. Thus, experts focus on breaking these behavioral patterns in cognitive behavioral coaching sessioSocialize with real and inspiring people

Humans are social animals. Connect with people around you to build vital relationships. However, the connection should be meaningful and conducive to your happiness. Choose your close circle who make impacts on your quality of life. Avoid toxic people who instill fear, anxiety and other negative thoughts in your mind.

Even the internet can be a lifeline to find answers to your problems. There are several forums where like-minded individuals chat and share experiences on how they have dealt with similar situations. However, avoid social media hangups like Facebook, which has proved worse for individual fighting with emotional disorders.

Instead of putting an update of your mental state, go out in the sun and have coffee with a friend. Apart from that, you can interact with loved ones arranging a get-together to lift your spirit and create a deep connection.

Why choose Randall Kennedy as your life coach?

Depression is a trap; it keeps coming back even after taking therapy sessions to make you feel stuck. That was because you were using the same patterns of treatment or solution for your problem. Dealing with depression needs a sustained effort.

Randall Kennedy has a program that will help you to deal with anxiety, fear, and depression that keeps coming back after a therapy session. He will coach you to identify trigger points that bring anxiety-riddled thoughts and take proper steps for solutions.

Being a business and life coach, he coaches people who are dealing with depression after suffering losses and even saved a few people from committing suicide. He takes pride that he could change their state of mind from continuous unhappiness to fulfillment and happiness. He focuses on methods that bring results using reliable tools for participants.

Having dealt with A.D.H.D. medication-related depression at a young age, Randall Kennedy may offer the best solution to fight depression, though he isn’t a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. That is because he has learned many proven steps to stop lows through real experiences.

Want coaching from him to fight your depression?

Use Randall Kennedys’ proven methods and tools to bring back happiness in your life.

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